Myths - Hercules

Hercules Day 
Read the story of Hercules on any of the web sites below: 

Makes notes of each of his labours and complete the activities below as part of a creative design and make day. 

At each station, read about Hercules’ labour, his obstacles and his solution of each. Which actions were human, godly, foolish or brave? How would you solve the problems he encountered? Remember you are only human! 

Be Hercules for the day

What does it feel like to encounter so many problems and obstacles? 

Station 1:

Use your imagination to draw a picture of Hera. Write words that reflect her personality. 

A4 paper
Drawing pencils
Colouring pencils

Station 2 - Labour 1:

Design and produce a paper instrument to kill the Nemean Lion 

Assorted paper

Station 3 - Labour 2:

Make a drawing of the hydra using an ICT resource paint package.
Can you add different features to it to create a hybrid hydra? 

ICT paint package e.g. colour magic 

Station 4 - Labour 4:

Look at the photo of the pholus, create a magical character of your own using clay.

Clay shaping tools e.g. knives, scapula

Station 5 - Labour 6:

Design and make a musical instrument to scare the ferocious birds so they leave the Stymphalian swamp. 

Junk modelling material e.g. cans, plastic containers, plastic bottles

Tape, glue, elastic bands, plastic film, rice or other dried pods.

Station 6 - Labour 7:

Design a labyrinth for King Minos Minotaur so it cannot get out but people in danger can escape from it unharmed. 

A3 & A4 paper, wool, string, glue
Example of a labyrinth 

Station 7:

Write an encouraging bottle message to Hercules on how to survive the plots of his treacherous tormentor and step mother. Put bottled message into the River Thames or river near you to see how long it / if gets returned. 

Paper, pens, pencils
Tea bags for tea staining
Plastic bottle to take message 

Station 8 - Labour 10:

Design and make a boat for Hercules to reach Geryons. It has to be spacious and strong enough to carry the cattle back to Eurystheus.

Assorted paper, crayons, scissors, sellotape, masking tape, stapler

Plastic milk cartons, junk materials 

Station 9 - Labour 12:

Produce a collage of Mount Olympus (playground of the gods) and the surrounding landscape.

Holiday brochures, magazines (choosing Blue for sky, Green for trees) Paper bags

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