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Notices are used to inform, warn or caution the public:


Keeping Children Safe 

The next evacuation from Victoria Station to Dorset will take place on 14th June at 11.00 am.

Your child will need a suitcase packed with the following items:

2 vests

2 pairs of pants
1 pair of trousers
2 pairs of socks
6 handkerchiefs
Pullover or Jersey 

Pair of knickers
2 pairs of stockings
6 handkerchiefs

What else should they bring:

·overcoat or Mackintosh
·1 pair of Wellington boots
·face cloth
·tooth brush
·boots or shoes
·packets of nuts and raisins
·dry biscuits
·barley sugar (rather than sugar)

Helpful tips
·Dress your child up nicely so they will be picked first, well groomed children stand a better chance!

·Talk to your child about what life will be like for them as an evacuee to prepare them.

·Inform your local billington officer before this date to tell them if you have a relative in the countryside where your child can be evacuated to.

Why should children be evacuated?
The big cities are being bombed heavily and in order to save Britain's future we must evacuate our children to a less targeted place in the countryside, safe from the bombs.

Take action now, evacuate your children!

Sir Ralph Smith (in charge of air raid precautions)
 By RC

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Play Scripts

Play scripts


MARGARET: Samuel Pepys' neighbour
SAMUEL PEPYS: A rich man who writes a diary of the fire
ELIZABETH: Samuel Pepys' wife
JANE: Samuel Pepys' maid
BRIDGET: another Samuel Pepys' maid
LITTLE POOR Boy : a news carrier

 Scene 1:

It's an early dusk morning on Seething Lane, London. At number 11 in Samuel Pepys' house, two maids Jane and Bridget sit up late preparing today's Sunday roast while having a conversation. 

Jane: What's that loud noise outside? 

Bridget: It sounds like a news carrier shouting for the king. 

Jane: Look after the chicken and I will go and investigate. (Walks on to the street to see what's going on). 

Jane:( Shouts) Oi! What the heck is going on? 

Little Poor Boy: There is a big fire on the other side of town, I need to speak to the king and tell him to fight the fire 'cause the fire's spreading. 

Jane: I have to tell Samuel, thank you for the news Little Poor Boy, I must get back now. (Runs through the whole house and storms into Samuel Pepys' room). 

Jane: Sir, there is a big fire on the other side of town and it's spreading quickly, we should evacuate! 

Samuel Pepys: What a load of nonsense, it's 3 am and you storm into my room? Get the hell back to your work! 

Jane: But sir .... 

Elizabeth: Oh shut up Jane go and help Bridget with today's feast.

(Jane exits the room and goes back into the kitchen).

Scene 2:

It is 7 am, Margaret knocks on the door and comes in for some tea and talks to the two maids. 

Margaret: So Jane have you heard about the big fire over 300 houses have been burnt down, me and my husband are going in a boat to Dorset soon luckily. 

Bridget: Over 300 houses? 

Jane: I have to tell Mr and Mrs Pepys right away! 

(Margaret leaves the house. Jane goes back into Samuel Pepys' room) 

Jane: Sorry to disturb you again sir but over 300 houses have burnt down, the fire has been raging all over London all night and it is near, can you just smell the smoke? 

(Samuel and Elizabeth sniff the air) 

Samuel Pepys: Yes I can, must be very near, we must evacuate! 

Elizabeth: (looks out of the window) Call Bridget! By the looks of it, the fire is coming down our street, we need to jump out of the window. 

(Samuel and Elizabeth get dressed very quickly). 

Samuel Pepys: Go and get my wine and cheese from the cupboard, we can bury them in the garden so they don't get burnt. 

(Elizabeth exits the room)


By  CC

Range of Stories - Mini Sagas

Mini sagas are complete stories written in fifty words or less.

The Rasta Deception 

I couldn’t believe it. The commander had a bomb on his chest, ticking away. The screen on it had an ominous glow emitting from the Rasta who said “Shoot the hot spot and he will be saved. However, miss and he will die… I clenched my teeth and shot...


Mosquito Man 

I flew through the skies feeling satisfied after drinking Poison’s blood even though it would probably take a few years off of my life. It came into view, a dark brown shape in the distance, The Mud Man! I felt the shots before I heard them. I must be dead …


My Game Plan 

I turned red, my head banged, I wish my dad would stop; going to the Gensons is my worst nightmare, last time was disastrous. 

“I’m coming….” 

“Attishoo” I sneezed; Mrs Gensons horrified announced “Can’t have you here with a cold, off to bed with you!

 My plan had worked!



The assassin mounted the tank, I had to run but where? The only car in sight a mini, I smashed the window; took the wheel; raced away from the intruding tank. 

At last the stairs were within reach; down, down, I sped, the river a welcome sight, my nightmare over.



“Let down your hair!” Rapunzle’s heart raced; she leapt to the window; down went her hair to her Prince. 

“Ouch that hurt!” “Been to McDonalds lately, you are way heavier than last time.”

 Bump, the ground the Prince hit: “Sorry I put extensions in yesterday!” 

“Another prince you must await.” 


Farukiana Jones 

The end was near, but the boulder was closer. Arrows darted everywhere, I ducked and weaved between them easily. Suddenly a native jumped in front of me, blow pipe in his hand. I was about to kick him when Lewis appeared and shot him twice. I was saved! Almost… 



2 minutes to go Terry passed the ball in; I jumped up for a header but suddenly I was winded and winded bad.

The ref signalled a penalty; I was going to take it. The pressure was on… the score was 2 all; all I had to do was score!!


Range of Stories - Science Fiction

A Day in the Life of a Microbe 

Hi, I’m a microbe, and this is what life is like for me.

I started life in the “sewers” as humans call it, living among all the waste. One day, as I was swimming in some fresh sewage, the earth started to rumble and a whole lot of children came by!!!

What were they doing here?! With all their “antibacterial hand-gel” and “hygiene”; they make me sick!  

It turned out that they were here on a school trip, learning about micro-organisms/microbes/ME! Knowing that I was the centre of attention to them, I cheered up a little.

“Now children, who can tell me what a microbe is?” asked what humans call a “teacher”. Immediately, 2 or 3 hands shot up in the air.
“Amy, please tell us.”
“A microbe is a microscopic creature that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are 3 types of microbe, and they are: Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. Some are used to make bread and yoghurt, and are considered helpful, although there are some that can make you thoroughly sick if not taken with care.” Explained the girl who was called “Amy”

I was quite impressed! This girl, unlike any others, had fairly showed the wrongs and rights for my kind, I repeat, I was quite impressed!!

“And who can tell me another helpful reason for microbes?” asked the human “teacher”

“Matilda, maybe you?”

“Um... err, well miss, I can’t really think of any right now because... looking at that horrid “sewage” it makes me think there aren’t any good reasons for microbes.” She complained, putting her hand to her nose.

The cheek!!!! How dare she have the nerve to say that! Why, if I weren’t as small as I am, how I would shake her!! That’s rich coming from her, there’s probably no, definitely no good reason for her!! OHHH!

Luckily for me, she was sent away from the group, for being so ignorant. She walked away, sticking out her bottom lip out to, looking very stroppy indeed!

They talked a bit more about microbes and moved on to somewhere else.

I was feasting on a big piece of waste, when along came a man in a long white coat who was what humans call a “Chemist”, with a lot of worried people trailing behind.

“So you see, all those people who say that without microbes, we can’t build up immunity to them; they are actually exposing themselves to this!” Said the man in the white coat, pointing to the sewage/me!

Uh! Excuse me! I would say that “those people” are right! And then you come up to me with your pointing, calling me this! Although the crowd of worried looking people seemed to disagree, nodding their heads, staring at me [Even if they didn’t know it] as if I were a blood sucking vampire!

“Come along, let’s move on to some where more, clean.” Said the [rude] man in the white coat.

Well! I’ve never been so angry in all of my life [and I’m 127483990... years old!]!!!!!!!!!!

I was just thinking about how all these people have the sense to say that I’m no good, I’m only meant for trouble! Why can’t people be more like Amy? She’s much more sensible! When I had a third visit, this time it was from a person that humans call an “epi-epi-epidemiologist”. He was accompanied by two other epidemiothingimijigies, and was talking about how they need microbes to build up immunity.

“As you can see, Chemists are all worried about getting ill, when one of the best cures are injections, where the patient had some of the disease injected into their body, so that their immune system can fight it and will be able to fight it off if they actually do catch the disease!”

I thought that that was a very wise speech, and very true.

“And if they make sure that they don’t expose themselves to even a little bit of the disease, if they do catch it, their immune system won’t be ready for it, and it will be a very big shock for it!” finished off one of the other epidemio-things.

That day, I learnt a lot more about myself than I ever knew!

So if you ever come and visit me at the sewers, be sure to have read my story first. 



Friday, 27 April 2012

Range of Stories - Historical


Range of Stories - Flashback

Memories of the School Year 

Year 6 was the most exciting and challenging year of all. I had a few big moments like my fight with Harry and when my trousers fell down; these are moments that I will never forget! 

Once when I was walking down the corridor with my books in my hands, Harry G knocked them out of my hands and called me ‘Big Foot!’; I let loss my raging anger and the next minute, me and him had a big scrap; he tore my shirt so I kicked him, this act got me suspended because his nose was broken. That was my most challenging moment of the year. 

Half way through the year in showing work assembly, I was showing my work about World War 2 and terrifyingly, my trousers fell down and all the pupils in the school were laughing their heads off, I ran out of the hall crying. I sure will never forget that moment, ever!! 

My most exciting and greatest moment was the igospel concert at the Royal Festival hall in front of two thousand people; we had been rehearsing for ten weeks for that moment, in which I sang my heart out loudly. 

That sums up my great Year 6 at school, which I will never forget no matter what! 


Memories of the School Year 
I would always remember the saddest day at school; the day that our best goalkeeper (Kennedy) left our school. He had only been in the school for a year; we never thought that he would be leaving so soon. 

The day Kennedy left, we had  a party to wish good luck and to have a nice time in his new school; we would never forget him! 

Our class get absolutely spoilt by Ms Kitty. She is always taking us on trips; once we went to Chislehurst Cave. We went in the cave; we were learning about World War Two and we learnt that people had to huddle in the cave for quite a long time. 

The most exciting and challenging moments are now; doing my SATs, I’ve worked so hard for this throughout the years in Ally Primary School and it’s been a real grind, now I just wish that I would be successful. 

Ally School have picked me for several concerts; this has made my family very proud and my teachers very privileged to have me in their class. 

Memories of the School Year 
My Favourite memory of this year is getting a science award at a ceremony in front of many people, parents and scientists! I felt privileged to be given an award by a very successful scientist. 

Initially, when I heard about the award, I was excited and nervous at the same time as I had never received an award like this before. Paul our scientist told me in a calm excited way: ‘You are one of the children who will get one.’ I was surprised and joyful. 

When the day finally arrived, I felt proud to be myself and couldn’t wait for the moment when I would receive the award. After school that day, my mum picked me up and we set off; it was difficult finding the school where the ceremony was taking place. 

As I waited for my turn, my heart pounded and my palms got sweaty, Finally my name was called, at that moment I felt nervous because I was in front of so many people; I got up slowly from my seat;  my legs feeling heavy like lead; I just could not believe that  I was really there. As I walked towards the stage, my pace quickened as I got closer and realised that all the hard work that got me here had paid off. 

‘Well done!’ beamed the Astronomer as he shook my hand; I was elated as I received my certificate from him and then it was all over! 

This award has proved to me that I can do better, the memory of receiving that certificate will stay with me for the rest of my life. 


Range of stories - Historical flashback

My Memory of The Blitz 

My first memory of the Second World War (The Blitz), is one mixed with terror and excitement. I was ten years old at the time; my mum and dad with me (Lauren) and brother Wayne who was eleven, lived in a good but dull little house with an Anderson Shelter in the backyard. 

I can just faintly remember Wayne and I were getting ready for bed and as we were about to hop into bed, the siren went off; we pranced off downstairs getting excited about getting into the Anderson Shelter as we had never been in one before! 

All the family raced through the door and skipped the rest of the way to the Anderson Shelter. As we were all rather big, the space inside was kind of cramped and crowded; so I decided to get onto the only available bed, it was hard and very uncomfortable, I wished for my own cosy bed back in the house. 

After a good hour or so later, we heard the po-po (our nickname for the Policeman) signal it was all clear to return. Once we got out, we could see far around and to my dismay, all the houses had been reduced to rumbles, our house had been ripped to shreds. 

"Cool" exclaimed Wayne, fascination written all over his face. 

"This is far from cool, when your house is gone and you have no place to live!" barked my mum. 

"Well, you are meeting me at the right time." said a strange voice from behind. We all turned around to see a smiling fellow. 

"I am Alan McBeale from the Home Company," he stretched out his hand to my dad very calmly; "Pleased to make your acquaintance!" 

" Oh thank God for this, you will not regret helping us out, thank you so much!" 

Alan took us round to his office and signed us up for a flat in Kensington City (we were living at London, you see!). Alan needed to consult with his work mates so we had to wait a little while, but finally it was all sorted and we once again had a house to live in and call our own. 

We settled quickly into our new home and life went back to normal. The Blitz experience was soon forgotten. 

Well that's my memory of the Blitz; hope you enjoyed listening to it! 


Range of Letters - Informal

Example of an informal letter :                                                                                       

 Dorset New Road,
                                                                                        DH1 6SP
                                                                          20th October 1942 
Dear Mum, 

How are you, I hope that you are keeping fine; Granddad too? How is your back bearing up, hope you are not in too much pain with the outset of the cold season, do take care of the heating. 

I have settled very well into country life here in Dorset, Mr and Mrs Kipling, my new family are ever so kind, so I do not miss home too much. Also the village folks are very nice and friendly; just the other day, a kindly elderly man called me ‘MY young lad’ I was chauffed at being called this. I am having a greeeeaaaaat time here! 

I have met a new friend called Jim, we travelled together on the train from London, after you left me at the train station, he is a great guy and we have had lots of fun together, some good days and some not so good, but all in all, we are enjoying ourselves. 

I wanted to tell you about, the family, I am staying with. When we arrived in Dorset, we were taken to a large hall nearby, where we were made to stand in a single file so that the local families could inspect us and select who they wanted. My heart was beating fast when all the other children were being chosen and I was getting left behind; but just as I was giving up all hope of a family and planning how I was going to settle into a home, this kindly looking family arrived and apologised for being late. I instantly fell in love with them and hoped that they would pick me. They must have felt the same way about me because they made straight for me and asked what my name was. ‘Tom’ I replied. Wee Tommy, we will call you, our son is also called Tome, he will be big Tommy’ I did not care what they called as long as they chose me especially as they had a son who is my name sake. 

Mr and Mrs Kipling’s house is very large, There is back door that leads into an open garden where Big Tommy and I often play. In the middle of the living room is a Morrison Shelter, where us children sometimes have to stay when the sirens sound. We have really good fun, in this since it is only for young children and no adults, We play all kinds of games in there> sometimes we hear the adults having a cup of tea and cake, we try our luck to get some but we are always told to keep still so the bombers do not hear us. Adults! 

The children at school are alright, they are so funny particularly, when the bombers are flying past and our teachers ask us to hide under the tables; they just ignore her and run to the window to take a look. I am sometimes horrified by this as the bomb could be dropped on our school and they could get seriously injured particularly from flying broken glass from the window. 

Last week Big Tommy and I went to Dave the diary farmer to get a bucket of milk fro Mrs Kipling, the farmhand, took the bucket from us and milked the cow straight into our bucket, he then asked us to have a drink, I was appalled at being asked to drink cow pee. Mrs Kipling explained afterwards that this was not cow pee but milk, I feel differently about milk now as I have been put off. 

Mum, I have got to go now, I can hear Mrs Kipling calling for me to go to school. I will write again soon. 

Give my love to Granddad. 

Love you lots,


 By YS