Using Images

Using images to stimulate enquiry 

Or any other museum or objects  

Objects questions:
What questions would you like to ask this object?
What do you think the reply will be? 
Can you think of questions other people might ask it?
Can you imagine a conversation between this sculpture and others?
Can you create a poem about me? Think about how I look, what colour I am, what shape I am. Describe how you feel when you look at me. 

Tell a story
Could you write a story about me? You could imagine what I would do if I could move, where would I go? Or what was I before I was a sculpture? 

You can write what you like; the story is up to you. 

Make a drawing
Can you make a drawing of me? Look at what other people have done. 

Sculpture questions
What am I made of?
How was I made?
Who made me?
Where should I be?
Where’s my stomach?
What am I?
What do I remind you of?
What name would you give me? 


Paintings and pictures questions
Write down questions you would like to ask about this painting, picture or photograph using What, Where, Who, When, Why, How, What if? 

Unfreeze this scene; write a paragraph each of what happened during the scene, five minutes before this scene and five minutes after the scene. Combine these into a short narrative. 

Unfreeze this scene; write a story of what happened before this scene, during the scene, and after the scene. 

Role play the scene: who are characters? What are they saying to each other? 

Include speech bubbles of a conversation between two of the characters. 

Imagine one of the character is planning his or her next move, write a thought bubble of what he or she is thinking. 

Thought tapping: Take the role of each character in the picture; freeze frame the scene; on cue, as one of the characters, say how you are feeling and why.

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