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Play Scripts

Play scripts


MARGARET: Samuel Pepys' neighbour
SAMUEL PEPYS: A rich man who writes a diary of the fire
ELIZABETH: Samuel Pepys' wife
JANE: Samuel Pepys' maid
BRIDGET: another Samuel Pepys' maid
LITTLE POOR Boy : a news carrier

 Scene 1:

It's an early dusk morning on Seething Lane, London. At number 11 in Samuel Pepys' house, two maids Jane and Bridget sit up late preparing today's Sunday roast while having a conversation. 

Jane: What's that loud noise outside? 

Bridget: It sounds like a news carrier shouting for the king. 

Jane: Look after the chicken and I will go and investigate. (Walks on to the street to see what's going on). 

Jane:( Shouts) Oi! What the heck is going on? 

Little Poor Boy: There is a big fire on the other side of town, I need to speak to the king and tell him to fight the fire 'cause the fire's spreading. 

Jane: I have to tell Samuel, thank you for the news Little Poor Boy, I must get back now. (Runs through the whole house and storms into Samuel Pepys' room). 

Jane: Sir, there is a big fire on the other side of town and it's spreading quickly, we should evacuate! 

Samuel Pepys: What a load of nonsense, it's 3 am and you storm into my room? Get the hell back to your work! 

Jane: But sir .... 

Elizabeth: Oh shut up Jane go and help Bridget with today's feast.

(Jane exits the room and goes back into the kitchen).

Scene 2:

It is 7 am, Margaret knocks on the door and comes in for some tea and talks to the two maids. 

Margaret: So Jane have you heard about the big fire over 300 houses have been burnt down, me and my husband are going in a boat to Dorset soon luckily. 

Bridget: Over 300 houses? 

Jane: I have to tell Mr and Mrs Pepys right away! 

(Margaret leaves the house. Jane goes back into Samuel Pepys' room) 

Jane: Sorry to disturb you again sir but over 300 houses have burnt down, the fire has been raging all over London all night and it is near, can you just smell the smoke? 

(Samuel and Elizabeth sniff the air) 

Samuel Pepys: Yes I can, must be very near, we must evacuate! 

Elizabeth: (looks out of the window) Call Bridget! By the looks of it, the fire is coming down our street, we need to jump out of the window. 

(Samuel and Elizabeth get dressed very quickly). 

Samuel Pepys: Go and get my wine and cheese from the cupboard, we can bury them in the garden so they don't get burnt. 

(Elizabeth exits the room)


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