Saturday, 28 April 2012

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A Day in the Life of a Microbe 

Hi, I’m a microbe, and this is what life is like for me.

I started life in the “sewers” as humans call it, living among all the waste. One day, as I was swimming in some fresh sewage, the earth started to rumble and a whole lot of children came by!!!

What were they doing here?! With all their “antibacterial hand-gel” and “hygiene”; they make me sick!  

It turned out that they were here on a school trip, learning about micro-organisms/microbes/ME! Knowing that I was the centre of attention to them, I cheered up a little.

“Now children, who can tell me what a microbe is?” asked what humans call a “teacher”. Immediately, 2 or 3 hands shot up in the air.
“Amy, please tell us.”
“A microbe is a microscopic creature that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are 3 types of microbe, and they are: Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. Some are used to make bread and yoghurt, and are considered helpful, although there are some that can make you thoroughly sick if not taken with care.” Explained the girl who was called “Amy”

I was quite impressed! This girl, unlike any others, had fairly showed the wrongs and rights for my kind, I repeat, I was quite impressed!!

“And who can tell me another helpful reason for microbes?” asked the human “teacher”

“Matilda, maybe you?”

“Um... err, well miss, I can’t really think of any right now because... looking at that horrid “sewage” it makes me think there aren’t any good reasons for microbes.” She complained, putting her hand to her nose.

The cheek!!!! How dare she have the nerve to say that! Why, if I weren’t as small as I am, how I would shake her!! That’s rich coming from her, there’s probably no, definitely no good reason for her!! OHHH!

Luckily for me, she was sent away from the group, for being so ignorant. She walked away, sticking out her bottom lip out to, looking very stroppy indeed!

They talked a bit more about microbes and moved on to somewhere else.

I was feasting on a big piece of waste, when along came a man in a long white coat who was what humans call a “Chemist”, with a lot of worried people trailing behind.

“So you see, all those people who say that without microbes, we can’t build up immunity to them; they are actually exposing themselves to this!” Said the man in the white coat, pointing to the sewage/me!

Uh! Excuse me! I would say that “those people” are right! And then you come up to me with your pointing, calling me this! Although the crowd of worried looking people seemed to disagree, nodding their heads, staring at me [Even if they didn’t know it] as if I were a blood sucking vampire!

“Come along, let’s move on to some where more, clean.” Said the [rude] man in the white coat.

Well! I’ve never been so angry in all of my life [and I’m 127483990... years old!]!!!!!!!!!!

I was just thinking about how all these people have the sense to say that I’m no good, I’m only meant for trouble! Why can’t people be more like Amy? She’s much more sensible! When I had a third visit, this time it was from a person that humans call an “epi-epi-epidemiologist”. He was accompanied by two other epidemiothingimijigies, and was talking about how they need microbes to build up immunity.

“As you can see, Chemists are all worried about getting ill, when one of the best cures are injections, where the patient had some of the disease injected into their body, so that their immune system can fight it and will be able to fight it off if they actually do catch the disease!”

I thought that that was a very wise speech, and very true.

“And if they make sure that they don’t expose themselves to even a little bit of the disease, if they do catch it, their immune system won’t be ready for it, and it will be a very big shock for it!” finished off one of the other epidemio-things.

That day, I learnt a lot more about myself than I ever knew!

So if you ever come and visit me at the sewers, be sure to have read my story first. 



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