Friday, 27 April 2012

Range of Stories - Flashback

Memories of the School Year 

Year 6 was the most exciting and challenging year of all. I had a few big moments like my fight with Harry and when my trousers fell down; these are moments that I will never forget! 

Once when I was walking down the corridor with my books in my hands, Harry G knocked them out of my hands and called me ‘Big Foot!’; I let loss my raging anger and the next minute, me and him had a big scrap; he tore my shirt so I kicked him, this act got me suspended because his nose was broken. That was my most challenging moment of the year. 

Half way through the year in showing work assembly, I was showing my work about World War 2 and terrifyingly, my trousers fell down and all the pupils in the school were laughing their heads off, I ran out of the hall crying. I sure will never forget that moment, ever!! 

My most exciting and greatest moment was the igospel concert at the Royal Festival hall in front of two thousand people; we had been rehearsing for ten weeks for that moment, in which I sang my heart out loudly. 

That sums up my great Year 6 at school, which I will never forget no matter what! 


Memories of the School Year 
I would always remember the saddest day at school; the day that our best goalkeeper (Kennedy) left our school. He had only been in the school for a year; we never thought that he would be leaving so soon. 

The day Kennedy left, we had  a party to wish good luck and to have a nice time in his new school; we would never forget him! 

Our class get absolutely spoilt by Ms Kitty. She is always taking us on trips; once we went to Chislehurst Cave. We went in the cave; we were learning about World War Two and we learnt that people had to huddle in the cave for quite a long time. 

The most exciting and challenging moments are now; doing my SATs, I’ve worked so hard for this throughout the years in Ally Primary School and it’s been a real grind, now I just wish that I would be successful. 

Ally School have picked me for several concerts; this has made my family very proud and my teachers very privileged to have me in their class. 

Memories of the School Year 
My Favourite memory of this year is getting a science award at a ceremony in front of many people, parents and scientists! I felt privileged to be given an award by a very successful scientist. 

Initially, when I heard about the award, I was excited and nervous at the same time as I had never received an award like this before. Paul our scientist told me in a calm excited way: ‘You are one of the children who will get one.’ I was surprised and joyful. 

When the day finally arrived, I felt proud to be myself and couldn’t wait for the moment when I would receive the award. After school that day, my mum picked me up and we set off; it was difficult finding the school where the ceremony was taking place. 

As I waited for my turn, my heart pounded and my palms got sweaty, Finally my name was called, at that moment I felt nervous because I was in front of so many people; I got up slowly from my seat;  my legs feeling heavy like lead; I just could not believe that  I was really there. As I walked towards the stage, my pace quickened as I got closer and realised that all the hard work that got me here had paid off. 

‘Well done!’ beamed the Astronomer as he shook my hand; I was elated as I received my certificate from him and then it was all over! 

This award has proved to me that I can do better, the memory of receiving that certificate will stay with me for the rest of my life. 


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