Saturday, 28 April 2012

Range of Stories - Mini Sagas

Mini sagas are complete stories written in fifty words or less.

The Rasta Deception 

I couldn’t believe it. The commander had a bomb on his chest, ticking away. The screen on it had an ominous glow emitting from the Rasta who said “Shoot the hot spot and he will be saved. However, miss and he will die… I clenched my teeth and shot...


Mosquito Man 

I flew through the skies feeling satisfied after drinking Poison’s blood even though it would probably take a few years off of my life. It came into view, a dark brown shape in the distance, The Mud Man! I felt the shots before I heard them. I must be dead …


My Game Plan 

I turned red, my head banged, I wish my dad would stop; going to the Gensons is my worst nightmare, last time was disastrous. 

“I’m coming….” 

“Attishoo” I sneezed; Mrs Gensons horrified announced “Can’t have you here with a cold, off to bed with you!

 My plan had worked!



The assassin mounted the tank, I had to run but where? The only car in sight a mini, I smashed the window; took the wheel; raced away from the intruding tank. 

At last the stairs were within reach; down, down, I sped, the river a welcome sight, my nightmare over.



“Let down your hair!” Rapunzle’s heart raced; she leapt to the window; down went her hair to her Prince. 

“Ouch that hurt!” “Been to McDonalds lately, you are way heavier than last time.”

 Bump, the ground the Prince hit: “Sorry I put extensions in yesterday!” 

“Another prince you must await.” 


Farukiana Jones 

The end was near, but the boulder was closer. Arrows darted everywhere, I ducked and weaved between them easily. Suddenly a native jumped in front of me, blow pipe in his hand. I was about to kick him when Lewis appeared and shot him twice. I was saved! Almost… 



2 minutes to go Terry passed the ball in; I jumped up for a header but suddenly I was winded and winded bad.

The ref signalled a penalty; I was going to take it. The pressure was on… the score was 2 all; all I had to do was score!!


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