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Keeping Children Safe 

The next evacuation from Victoria Station to Dorset will take place on 14th June at 11.00 am.

Your child will need a suitcase packed with the following items:

2 vests

2 pairs of pants
1 pair of trousers
2 pairs of socks
6 handkerchiefs
Pullover or Jersey 

Pair of knickers
2 pairs of stockings
6 handkerchiefs

What else should they bring:

·overcoat or Mackintosh
·1 pair of Wellington boots
·face cloth
·tooth brush
·boots or shoes
·packets of nuts and raisins
·dry biscuits
·barley sugar (rather than sugar)

Helpful tips
·Dress your child up nicely so they will be picked first, well groomed children stand a better chance!

·Talk to your child about what life will be like for them as an evacuee to prepare them.

·Inform your local billington officer before this date to tell them if you have a relative in the countryside where your child can be evacuated to.

Why should children be evacuated?
The big cities are being bombed heavily and in order to save Britain's future we must evacuate our children to a less targeted place in the countryside, safe from the bombs.

Take action now, evacuate your children!

Sir Ralph Smith (in charge of air raid precautions)
 By RC

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