Friday, 27 April 2012

Range of stories - Historical flashback

My Memory of The Blitz 

My first memory of the Second World War (The Blitz), is one mixed with terror and excitement. I was ten years old at the time; my mum and dad with me (Lauren) and brother Wayne who was eleven, lived in a good but dull little house with an Anderson Shelter in the backyard. 

I can just faintly remember Wayne and I were getting ready for bed and as we were about to hop into bed, the siren went off; we pranced off downstairs getting excited about getting into the Anderson Shelter as we had never been in one before! 

All the family raced through the door and skipped the rest of the way to the Anderson Shelter. As we were all rather big, the space inside was kind of cramped and crowded; so I decided to get onto the only available bed, it was hard and very uncomfortable, I wished for my own cosy bed back in the house. 

After a good hour or so later, we heard the po-po (our nickname for the Policeman) signal it was all clear to return. Once we got out, we could see far around and to my dismay, all the houses had been reduced to rumbles, our house had been ripped to shreds. 

"Cool" exclaimed Wayne, fascination written all over his face. 

"This is far from cool, when your house is gone and you have no place to live!" barked my mum. 

"Well, you are meeting me at the right time." said a strange voice from behind. We all turned around to see a smiling fellow. 

"I am Alan McBeale from the Home Company," he stretched out his hand to my dad very calmly; "Pleased to make your acquaintance!" 

" Oh thank God for this, you will not regret helping us out, thank you so much!" 

Alan took us round to his office and signed us up for a flat in Kensington City (we were living at London, you see!). Alan needed to consult with his work mates so we had to wait a little while, but finally it was all sorted and we once again had a house to live in and call our own. 

We settled quickly into our new home and life went back to normal. The Blitz experience was soon forgotten. 

Well that's my memory of the Blitz; hope you enjoyed listening to it! 


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